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Back up…it’s GRACE!

Posted by akafitness on February 17, 2009

This week in Weigh Less we are cocked and loaded and ready to shoot forth in gaining back our health and wholeness. By the end of this week each participant will be eating right and moving more. Sound familiar? Who hasn’t done this? It is the practical formula that covers a multitude of sins. After 17 years in the industry I have seen this formula in action and yes, it does work, but as people who live and breathe and move by the Spirit, we are called to go in a different direction for a different reason. Without the ability to see ourselves, outside of ourselves, we will easily fall into the suicide machine that is diet and exercise. When we do something for ourselves that appears to look right we can get into big trouble. The opposite of placing ourselves at the highest priority of life is humility, and in humility is where we have a chance of getting this thing called life right.

I had planned on writing this blog about balance. Because now that you are armed with a plan for diet and exercise application, without having a good sense of balance you will go off the deep end and do everything for all the wrong reasons. A good thing that was working for us can quickly become the master that we serve.  Remember, we are all serving someone or something. Either we are serving ourselves, or God. Yep. It’s that simple. Serving ourselves will work. Don’t get me wrong. It works, but eventually it will lead to destruction and an overwhelming sense of hopelessness until we find the next object of our desires to serve, and again, that will get us through for a little while, but then that too will fail. Round and round we go. The endless treadmill. When we chose to serve God in everything (yes, even in diet and exercise) you can bet that we are going to be put up against the measuring stick that says “yep, looks right”, or “nope, need to ease up a little because you are starting to lose it.” That is God’s righteousness. God’s righteousness is what all of us our in desperate need of ALL THE TIME so that we will have the right way of thinking, feeling and acting, and here’s the catch, it is the opposite of your natural way of thinking, feeling and acting. We will never get it right on our own, never, yet God is not wanting your failure, but he is wanting your humility.

“God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble”. (1 peter 5:5). Living a humble life , where one thinks less of himself does not sound that appealing on the surface now does it? This is so anti “me” generation. This is where many people stop getting on the Jesus bus, because everyone wants to know what Jesus is going to do for them, instead of what they have to do for Jesus. To be humble means to never get ahead of yourself, by thinking too highly of yourself.  The doorway of humility is the only passage way to you being a new creation. We must go down to get up. And then once we are up, we must never think we have arrived. The moment you think you have arrived, you have already lost it. It is a short distance to travel from humility to pride. But there is hope. Right there, squeezed between humility and pride, is grace. When we live lives that never forget the grace that has been given to us, we can be sure that we will be more resistant to taking up residence again in the prideful places. Grace is defined as good will, loving- kindness, by which God, exerting his holy influence upon souls, turns them to Christ, keeps them, strengthens them, and increases them in faith, knowledge, affection, and awakens them to the exercise of the better way.  

To stay fit in body and spirit,  you will need to stay humble, receive grace and pitch pride.

4 Responses to “Back up…it’s GRACE!”

  1. akafitness said

    Here is what Tiffany sent me today..

    Hi Alisa,
    Wow I am certainly being challenged in a very different way this week. I
    have been bed ridden with awful aches and on and off fevers for the last few
    days (Yuck). I can’t remember the last time I was sick like this. It really
    gives you a lot of time to stop and reflect. I am so thankful for strength
    and good health while I lack both now. It makes you think how just doing
    nothing with both of those God given blessings is truly a sin. He blesses
    us everyday with that and some how we find a way to do what WE want with it
    not look to how HE wants us to live to keep our Health and Strength going
    each day. I am out on exercise 😦 for the week and hope to see you Sunday.

  2. millie82 said

    😦 That stinks. WE’RE praying for you!

  3. Annie Z said

    Here’s a little about where I’m at this week. So it’s week 2 with the food and I can feel my old cravings gearing up for their attack. I can hear the whispers of “a little here, a little there won’t hurt anything” and I’m so tempted. Tempted to give in. Tempted to power through in my own strength and “keep the law”. I think about having to fight this battle for at least another week and a half and possibly the rest of my life and I want to give up. This is too hard. It costs too much. It’s too uncomfortable. It’s easy to say to family and friends that I want to get healthy, that I want to have more enegry, that I want to be stronger. But I’m facing the reality of what those words mean and it’s hard. Thank God for his grace! I’m learning to be in THIS moment. To breathe in THIS moment. To make a choice in THIS moment. Then I don’t have to think about the next week and a half or the rest of my life. I just have to think about right now and ask God to join me and give me strength. I know my flesh and my heart will fail. But God can be my strength and my portion if I open my hands and receive.

    Now about moving! I was encouraged last night as I exercised and played with my daughter at the park that getting moving can be FUN and a part of my everyday life with young kids. Here’s what I did. I put the baby in the wrap and let my almost 3-year old climb and slide while I walked and jogged around the playground area. Every 8 laps or so I would climb up with steps with Ava and go down the slide (yes, with the baby too!) a few times. She thought it was hillarious. Then I’d get back to walking. We had so much fun and I enjoyed physically interacting, rather than being the playground supervisor. I might be able to be a pretty fun mama after all!

  4. Annie K said

    Well, I’m a little behind the group as I’ve enjoyed a Valentine’s ski trip last week and now have my parents visiting for a week ending this Sat. I just knew the timing was off. Now though my frig and cupboards are set with food for a new regime, I’ve maintained a 2-4 hunger thing but I’m scared to face my little addictions! I know I’m powerless against them! I’m weak, but like Alisa said:God is stronger than any craving. I believe that and now it’s time to act like I believe it! I’m praying for the group-please pray for me? Thank you Alisa for all you do for us. You and Weigh Less are an awesome answer to prayer.

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