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More power to you.

Posted by akafitness on January 26, 2009

This past weekend everyone who is participating in Weigh Less on a local level were put to the test. They were pinched, pushed and tested to their limits of physical ability. It isn’t fun to face the truth, but it is powerful when you are ready to go a new direction.  It is a way of saying to yourself “No more lies and no more shame. This is where I am today, but I am leaving this place and moving on to a new place.” Which makes me think of an episode of the Simpson’s that for some reason I passed by one night and homer was driving away in his car leaving some town that he had great disdain for. As he drove away he shouted out the window “So long Stinktown!”, but I digress.  But that is what we are doing here. Saying so long to the stink in our lives. And isn’t it its funny how if you spend enough time around a bad smell, you don’t even smell it anymore. Testing is a big whiff of reality. It is meant to stir you to want to do something, to become an activist for a better way. But this time it will be different. You are not going about it in the old ways, this time it is God’s way or bust!

We have already talked about the fact that as people who are choosing to go a better way, in the right direction, we are following the One who knows the way. We are pretty blind when we think we can see just fine. The reason this time this “weight” battle is going to be different is because you are not going to do it in your own strength. God is always extending his mighty arm fighting and battling on your behalf. We are going to let him battle this for us. His power! ” That by HIS POWER, he may fulfill every good purpose of yours and every act prompted by your faith.”  (2 Thessalonians 1:11) This time you are fighting your battle by faith and the cool thing is that it was all you every needed! Ever. In all circumstances. God will provide the power and strength you need in order to go the better way. 

So this time don’t work so hard. You don’t need to just try harder. You don’t have to say “I just need to be stronger.” It’s useless and pointless. It is purely self-focused and will lead you back into isolation, despair and stink. When you come to a hard moment, and rest assured you will, take a breath, get present, be centered and receive His power and His peace. It is a just a breath away. Your hopes and dreams are dependent upon His power.

8 Responses to “More power to you.”

  1. tiffany said

    Hi just learned this blogging thing and hope i am doing it correct. Excited to start this journey but am also finding myself praying ALOT! What is you want me here for? I am strong enough, committed enough? I am sure HE will open my eyes to things I don’t even know yet about myself. Thanks for this journey!

  2. akafitness said

    Yay for PRAYING A LOT!! That is really what Weigh Less is about. It is about holding a personal space for God to enter into the center. Most of us can easily go about life with a side of God. So talking to him A LOT is crucial now, and always for that matter. The discipline of just talking to him A LOT will make it noticeably different when you are not talking to Him as much. Yay!

  3. Louise said

    I love to think of God fighting this battle for me but I am still having trouble understanding why he would think it is just as important as I do. How do I pray about this when I don’t even know if He thinks it is important for me to lose weight?

  4. akafitness said

    This is a great question. I think it comes down to an issue of value. We have a hard time believing that God values something that seems so vain and maybe even trivial. It is the physical element of who we are that we think God really doesn’t care about. And to an extent that is true. Looks are fading. He values the eternal qualities this we know. The things that we know will live on. But if God didn’t VALUE our bodies then why when He returns would he resurrect all of us. Bodies and Spirit. He could of easily dusted his hands of this filthy and corrupted thing, the body ( the flesh) and just make our spirits eternal to live with him forever and ever. But we are told that he will resurrect the WHOLE thing bodies and spirits. To live in wholeness and perfection as they were meant to be in the garden. The creation ALL of the creation for the creator.

    I think as a Christian culture we have become very very good at getting spiritual, but not so good at bringing the physical along side of that. Just read through any of 1 or 2 corinthians. The people of Corinth where very pre-occupied with misdeeds of the physical body itself. Using it for pleasure that does not please or glorify God. Paul was telling them to pay attention. The whole of your holy matters. “Food for the stomach and the stomach for food” but God will destroy them both. The body is not meant for sexual immorality (which is another way of just saying PLEASURE ONLY) but for the Lord, and the Lord for the body. He is talking to them and their physical bodies, not the church body. God is concerned will all of us. The whole and the holy .

    So to answer your question I think we have hard trained and beaten down in some ways to think that God doesn’t care about my body. Oh, but he does. Especially when it is affecting your ability to live in peace. Side effects that come with not tending to our health will easily disrupt our peace.
    Ultimately I am sure he will answer that question for you in a very personal way. I am sure of it. The enemy wants us to divide ourselves from the totality that resides in the power of God. If we are divided in mind, then the fullness of God can spill right out. God desires all of you. That is where the enemy loses ground.

  5. Louise said

    I think what you said about the whole of the body matters.. how we use it matters and what we do with it does matter, makes sense to me. I feel like I am struggling with this idea as much as I did when I first really started following the Lord but I was in art school. Being an artist in our culture is all about yourself. And until lately, until I have found the place I fit, using my art as worship of the Lord, I hadn’t really done much. Now I feel like I have such great joy in making the art because I know that I am glorifying my Savior and God while I do it. It is a personal act of worship for me. Until I reconcile all this in my mind about my weight, and what you have said helps, I won’t really be able to take hold of the freedom that I know the Lord is having me struggle to achieve. It takes me a long time to process but this is good. To say it out in the open and have feedback on what I am thinking is helpful.

  6. millie82 said

    Thanks, Alisa, for the opportunity. I think I speak for all of us when I say it’s about time in our lives! 🙂

  7. Debbie said

    Hello! Well, I just dedicated the whole morning to study and pray. I feel so very blessed to have the opportunity to stew in God words for an extended period of time. After reading Week 2 lessons, I told my husband by Gods grace Alisa will be on the Oprah show and she will be sharing Weigh Less Feed More with millions.

    All My Love,

  8. akafitness said

    Debbie, I am happy to hear that you are finding some time and space to spend with time with God. And if weigh less has been a tiny part of helping you find that space then God is having his way with this creation if his that is Weigh Less. Love it!
    The Oprah show huh? Well, God’s driving the bus, I am just happy to have a seat on the bus with all of you, and we will just see where this thing goes! For his glory!!!

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