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STARTING January 24th, 2009

Posted by akafitness on January 11, 2009

The challenge begins! If you are participating in the local program here in Phoenix welcome! If you are participating in this program from some remote place with a laptop and the internet as your connection to us, welcome! 

First thing is first. If you say you are in, are you in?? What I am asking you to do is count the cost. New year brings the rush of possibilities for new things. Great! We can work with that. But before you go jumping in make sure you have taken some time to get quite and ask God for his guidance and leadership. Maybe it has been a while since you have talked to God, maybe you have never really talked to him much about your health and asked some deeper questions as to what the “weight” is all about. Maybe you have never talked to God and you just want to sit back and watch this thing unfold. You are welcomed to stay, but I am asking you to hold a space for the possibilities of what God has to say about all of you. He created you, he ought to know best where all the parts go. I have a t-shirt that says “Jesus is my personal trainer.” And he is! So take some time to get quite in this next week and slooooow down or just begin the conversation with God asking him to help you count the cost. In other words are you really ALL IN! 

In Matthew 14 Jesus talks about he cost of being a disciple. Now don’t go old church on me here by thinking “Disciple? Me?Oh, here comes the holier than thou…Someone find my halo.”  A disciple is not a perfect being. It doesn’t mean you hold some secret membership into a a special club where you GET to be someone special. A disciple is someone who says they are choosing to do things differently. To swim against the current. According to the global statistic that more people are overweight and suffering from ill health than people who are hungry in the world says something as to the way things are going. They are going in the wrong direction. A disciple choses to put his/her foot down and stand for justice, love, mercy, grace, hope and creative possibilities that come from the Creator of all things. Jesus came to show us a better way. As disciples we follow Jesus. That’s it.  And often times we will be asked to go the other way. The way that is opposite from the direction everyone else is going.  And this can be very uncomfortable.

In verse 33 Jesus says “any of you who does not give up everything he has cannot be my disciple.” Giving up everything means we are all in!  And isn’t that where we all start the new years, especially when it comes to making change. But as soon as we feel compromised or uncomfortable we say “It is just not worth it.” And we turn back. We return to the old ways. So are you all in? Are you ready to follow a better way?  That is where I need you and more so God needs you in the next 8 weeks so that true and lasting transformation can begin to take root.  Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. On the other side of your discomfort is the better way. 

Questions to chew on:

1. What is weighing me down? (remember, this isn’t a weight issue in pounds, but in burdens, hardships, hurts, pains, etc)

2. What has kept me from change?

3. Why am I ready now?

4. What price am I willing to pay?

12 Responses to “STARTING January 24th, 2009”

  1. Lyndee J said

    So, I am not a blogger, but I was inspired by Alisa to get on here and start the accountability! I confess- I am afraid! Can I do this? Can I really make the changes that need to be made? Does my cardiovascular health really suck that bad?? (that’s what the # says anyways-ouch!) Do I really have to give up my coca cola (sadly yes, that will be my biggest struggle of all)?? I am going to cling on to the promise of my Father that He made me in His image and has a purpose, a hope and a future for me….. So bring it on Alisa, bring on the passion Jillian style!!!

  2. akafitness said

    Lyndee it is so right on to be so honest about the fears and doubts. But here is the cool thing, the thing that we have such a hard hard time grasping. YOU are not going to do this. God is! You have taken the first step in joining in on the cry of many peoples hearts. To figure this body issue out. As you make the space and stay humble and of course walk things out in discipline God is going to show up! He promises us and we are going to get in on that!
    Everyone is going to have to lose control of who you THINK you are or are not, and what you can or can not do and allow God to define it correctly. Remember, God is not far off on some throne saying “yes” or “no”, here is right here saying “come this way”. In every moment, in every breath.

  3. Liz M said

    I was excited to get started with the fitness testing this morning. I already knew I was obese and out of shape but to see it written down hurts. It could be discouraging except I know that the next 8 weeks will be the start of improvement instead of continuing on the downward spiral.

  4. ejb44 said

    I’m looking forward to this 8 week adventure and challenge. Must admit that I am nervous about my goals and hope my body will hold up during the process. I am especially looking forward to the spiritual growth that will take place while God is helping me to work on my body to become more healthy. Thanks Alisa for all your hard work!

  5. Melissa said

    Hey All! I wanted to stop in and say “hi” as well! I am scared as heck to have to give up so much of my “stress/boredom/pity party- eating!” I know that is one thing that really holds me back. ugh! I am so excited to lay down the burden of poor self-image at the feet of God and say “Take this, change this, I don’t want it anymore!” I am confident that he will! I am optimistic about this program and I hope you all are too. We already know that God works. Usually, we see it so clearly in OTHERS’ lives and look at our lives and feel just so hopeless… Maybe that is because we need to really break ourselves to this so that God can help us too. I love you all and pray we can get through this together and reach all our goals!

  6. Phyll AKA Sugar said

    Well Alisa, I am so looking forward to what God has in store for me. I know there will be some things that change drastically and some subtly. One thing for certain is that in my quest for better health, I have to admit, that I have left the biggest part of what you are talking about out. That being, it is all about Him – not about me. Thank you for listening to our Father, being obedient to His calling and moving forward to mentor others, me included in a new way, a new walk and a fresh new life. You are so appreciated! PS. I am not giving up my nick name!! ;o)When do we talk about nutrition?

  7. akafitness said

    Yah Phyllis. That nickname we will be dealing with by week 3! But I would never ask you to change a name that is the essence of who you are. This has been fun watching you all come together. How cool!!
    Well said Melissa! Why is it that we see God so clearly in the life of others, but when it comes to our own lives we are like “Whaz up?”. Our junk gets in the way. Time to start cleaning house.

  8. Phyll AKA Sugar said

    Okay! I made it through the first night of exerize… whew. My knees are killin me, but over all it was a good – though, but good. I may take you up on the advil suggestion tomorrow, we’ll see. The only thing about the kind of work out we had tonight is that I can’t seem to make it to bed. I have this mind set and fule to do “just one more thing”!!! Its almost an hour past my bed time and I am okay with that… that’s wierd. I forgot the benefits of exersize. Thanks Alisa. I still love you!

  9. akafitness said

    I know what you are talking about. It is so true that you get back twice as much energy that you put into the workout. So it is normal to have a little buzz going afterwards. Hopefully when you hit the sheets tonight you will have a deep wonderful sleep and wake refreshed. It is better to have six hour of quality sleep then eight of broken restlessness. Night night.
    p.s. I am hopeful that your knees will endure and benefit from movement. Keep me posted.

  10. Phyllis said

    Hi Alisa,

    Thnks for the great start to the week! I received a great deal that helped to connect the dots between the physical and spiritual sides of who we are. Yes, I did the gathering for the game thing. I was more excited to be with the people than to get to watch the baseball game… or was it football? Well anyway the thing that was great about it was that while there was food there it was not my focus. I did forget to count the chips like I usually do when I am on a “diet”, but the discovery there is that when you pray before you go into what could be a “mindless eating event” the Holy Spirit will ever so gently guide you through whatever it is that you are traveling through. When I got home and went to record my eating I found I actually did pretty good. Thank for all you do! I hope you have a well and blessed day!

  11. Phyllis said

    PS. I am not a blogette so I just want to make sure I am not missing anything. You wrote at the top of this page on January 24th. Then including my comment above, I see 10 boxes with comments on them (not including thins one). Is that it or am I missing anything? Thanks. 🙂

  12. akafitness said

    Hey Phyllis. I am so happy to hear that things are “clicking” for you. From the sound of how things went with at a Super Bowl party you are leading your physical with your spiritual and that is truly the way out of these types of vicious cycles. It is so easy to enter those types of gatherings and lose our minds, because we lose our spirits.
    As far as the blogging goes. You want to enter you comments after the newest blog that has been posted. I see that you are continually blogging under this entry, so that would make it difficult for those who are only checking the most recent entry to be in on your discussion, so it would be beneficial to enter under the most current posted blog. Does that makes sense? Right now the most current is “More power to you”. But I will be blogging a new one later today. So visit then and say hi just so you can get in on any and all comments that are made this week.

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